May 24, 2011

NOTD: Claire's 13

Hello everyone,

I instantly wanna blog this post because i really hate the recent news of Turkey today that i wanna let myself go on some other stuff. I even don't wanna mention about it but if you want to learn, you can check every other social media tool.

So, i applied one base coat and 2 coats of polish. The color yellow is actually darker than it is seen in the pictures. More orange similar yellowish color.

In the sun;

Also this post reminds me the two songs that i like so much. One is Yellow by Coldplay and the other one is In the Sun by Joseph Arthur. I suggest you to check the songs too! Have a good one..


  1. aslında göründüğünden daha turuncu :)

  2. canım sormuşsun benim blogda belki oraya yeniden bakmazsın diye burada söyleyeyim dedim. metrocity'de bulunuyor golden rose'un güzel yeni renkleri haberin olsun :)