May 7, 2011

NOTD: Claire's 65 - Such an Amazing Lilac!

Hey you guys!

Since i've been thinking about blogging in English for a while, why don't give it a shot now! If i can find a way to create a plugin for the Turkish version, i will be posting in both languages.

Anyways, today i've finally had some time to put a polish i've never tried before. It's Claire's 65. A gorgeous lilac, and it felt great to put these on because of a really great sunny saturday. It has been raining and too cold to hang out outside back in few days but i guess it is gonna be reverse from now on.

So here is the lilac; 1 coat base and 2 coats polish:

Crosswise caption;

Different view;

And finally with a different light mode;

Hope you guys like it, take care and enjoy the awesome saturday!


  1. nasıl yakışmış var ya =)))

  2. deniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz =)

    çok çok ama çok teşekkürler!

  3. bnde bu rengin postunu ypmıstım cnm bi harika !!!

  4. değil mi! çok seviyorum ben de :)

  5. |Rengi cok güzel,derhal claire'se ugramam lazim:)

  6. ben de çok seviyorum.. teşekkürler :)

  7. very pretty, i love pastel purples.