Jul 12, 2011

Flormar U33 at Bon Jovi Night and day and day again...

The day i went to Bon Jovi concert in Istanbul on 8th of July i put this marvelous color from Flormar Miracle Collection U33. Actually i wanted to do something special but i didn't have enough time so it just came to my mind that why not apply this color as a symbol of a sparkling night at the stadium?

I think it has blue, navy blue, green, black and purple pigments in the composition. Purple can clearly be seen in the photo below. Totally flashed my eyes and people's eyes who stared at them. Even one time my nail broke when a stranger told me that my nails look gorgeous. So, thank you stranger!

Anyway, about the concert... I still don't have the words for it. I just felt it. I even couldn't be able to listen any kind of music for 3 days. Too hard for me to express my feelings for the first time in days. Let me just say that assuming there is afterlife; I died and went to heaven, then i stayed there 2 hours and 45 minutes and came back to life afterwards. Thank you Bon Jovi, thank you for keep saying you'll be there for me in these arms always!


  1. ojeyle ilgili yorumumu yapmıştım zaten, bi de şöyle bir şey diyeceğim şimdi:

    • Recent Song i listened to: Bon Jovi - In these arms
    • Recent book I read: Ölüm Pornosu - Chuck Palahniuk
    • Recent movie I seen: A Walk to Remember

    seni ele geçirdim.

  2. ... onunla da kalmadı ki! şu anda family guy ilk sezon izliyorum cansu. :)