Jul 5, 2011

I just crackled Flormar with another Flormar

Hello you guys!

I applied new purple color couple days ago from Flormar numbered 425. But to be honest, first time in my life i hate the purple color. It's not the color i hope to see on my nails. It's darker and more creamy than the other Flormar polishes that i applied so far. In ojedelisi's post it looks so much better and lighter. I don't know what cause the difference. It is also similar to Flormar Supermatte m120 that you can see here. Anyway, here is the purple;

Since I don't like the purple i wanted to add something crazy to it. So i put 2 coats of Flormar G03 which crackled quite good and purple is not the case anymore. I love this green graffiti color of Flormar. I think it is refreshing and goes good with colors like purple or blue.

What do you think about the consistency of these two colors? Do you think they look good together?

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