May 30, 2011

NOTD: Chanel 505 Particuliére

I love the color since its been launched out. You know this color had been discussed quite a while because of its unattractiveness maybe but i love the neutrality in this color's nature. I put it on once in a while so here it is. This is almost the fifth day of the polish on my nails without a top coat and you can see it looks quite good still.

May 25, 2011

NOTD: Claire's 41

I missed swimming and sea a lot. I'm smelling seaweeds for days coz sea meant life for me. The result of this passion is below;

So the color is bluer than this one. Here is a photo from EvilAngel's blog that you can see how it really looks!

Another purplish although blue in real look from my camera;

May 24, 2011

NOTD: Claire's 13

Hello everyone,

I instantly wanna blog this post because i really hate the recent news of Turkey today that i wanna let myself go on some other stuff. I even don't wanna mention about it but if you want to learn, you can check every other social media tool.

So, i applied one base coat and 2 coats of polish. The color yellow is actually darker than it is seen in the pictures. More orange similar yellowish color.

In the sun;

Also this post reminds me the two songs that i like so much. One is Yellow by Coldplay and the other one is In the Sun by Joseph Arthur. I suggest you to check the songs too! Have a good one..

May 23, 2011

NOTD: Franken for China Glaze Light As Air

Hey you guys!

A really different polish post is coming right away, i guess.

Yesterday i was in a hurry to meet couple of my friends and i couldn't manage to dolled up in a short time period so i went out without putting any polish on but, guess what? I went out with a polish in my pocket. So, i decided to put my polish outside. Why not? Let's give it a try:

I seriously managed to do it! I polished at a place outside somewhere. The great thing was people did not notice me! -except the people in my table, ahah-
So the color is mixed by me. I was waiting for a sunny day like this to put it on and here it is. The franken is a mixture of white Flormar and some shimmery purple Pastel color. The color looks sorta blurry when you come closer. It is like, there is some grey in the mixture but it isn't of course.

A closer look with a dynamic background;

So while i was trying to mix the colors to have some spring reminded, flowery lilac; i noticed that this color looks similar to something else. While i was chatting with a friend of mine -a lovely blogger and quite a polish addict Cansu- i realized that, i accidentally frankened the China Glaze Light As Air.

So here is the light as air from vampyvarnish dot com;

And here is my blurry franken of it again;

See? A little bit darker maybe but sorta same. Anyway, after realizing that i frankened Light As Air by mistake while speaking with Cansu, I think we have this telepathical stuff going on between us? Don't you think girl :)

Finally, i will be finishing this post by inserting a photo of me, sun, and my polishes applied outside. By the way, i bought like almost ten polishes today. This means, I will be posting more often nowadays. Take care!

May 20, 2011

NOTD: Pastel 36 (or pomegranate blossom should i say?)

It's been quite a while since i blogged. I have some errands to run nowadays, so it's been sorta busy.
Anyways, here is my latest manicure. The polish is from a turkish brand Pastel, number 36. It is like a shimmery and reddish pomegranate blossom. Since my nails are broken, i wanted to cut them short and use like this for a while. The reason that i put on this color today is only because to welcome spring but hey! there is no sun, and spring is still far far away it seems...

May 11, 2011

NOTD: Golden Rose Paris 53

Hello everyone!
Today, I put on some blue colors to my nails. Actually, I was gonna go with some green polish but this blue color has been attracting my eyes for a while now so I picked it for today’s show.
It is Golden Rose Paris 53. It is lighter than I expected and has some shimmer.
Natural light;


May 10, 2011

Judas Manicure - Coz I'm just a holy fool!

Hello everyone!
I guess you've all heard about Lady Gaga's new song Judas by now. Actually it’s not new anymore cause she just debuted her new song The Edge of Glory from her newest album Born This Way. I've been deeply interested in Lady Gaga and her music since i was 19 and she's like the only pop star i've been following back then.
The song Judas is about a story of a girl who falls in love with some bastard guy Judas instead of some smooth Jesus guy. I like the metaphor she is creating in the lyrics and the combination of those with an awesome video. (Of course Judas and Jesus are Christianity figures here.) And because I’m just a holy fool too like Gaga, -as she refers to herself in the song cause of her crush to Judas- I’m sorta inspired from the song and came with the below result.
Even though Gaga has some really cool manicures in the video, I’ve been thinking to do something simpler. So here is the caption I tried to apply;
I actually don't know where this picture came from but it has been on the scene since the song came out.
I put a base coat, then 2 coats of Pastel 98 (a Turkish brand) and let my nails dry for a while. Then, I draw the crosses on my left hand with Pastel 35 and wrote Judas to my right hand. It is not that perfect but I like it anyway.
Left Hand:

Right Hand:

Some closer captions:

With the polishes:

Under the different light:

And both hands together, ta-daaa...

I also want to share the awesome video of Gaga.
Hope you like the manicure. Take Care!

May 7, 2011

NOTD: Claire's 65 - Such an Amazing Lilac!

Hey you guys!

Since i've been thinking about blogging in English for a while, why don't give it a shot now! If i can find a way to create a plugin for the Turkish version, i will be posting in both languages.

Anyways, today i've finally had some time to put a polish i've never tried before. It's Claire's 65. A gorgeous lilac, and it felt great to put these on because of a really great sunny saturday. It has been raining and too cold to hang out outside back in few days but i guess it is gonna be reverse from now on.

So here is the lilac; 1 coat base and 2 coats polish:

Crosswise caption;

Different view;

And finally with a different light mode;

Hope you guys like it, take care and enjoy the awesome saturday!

May 1, 2011

20 Günlük Bir Aradan Sonra - Pastel 303/304


Uzun süredir oje postu yayınlayamıyordum. Yaptığım tüm özel manikürleri (özellikle Kate Nash konseri için funky french ve moon manikürünü kombine etmiştim) yada denediğim renkleri fotoğraflamaya çalıştım ama hep bir aksilik girdi araya. Sonrasında, toplamda 3 tane tırnağım fena şekilde durup dururken kırıldı. Bende bir süre oje sürmemeye karar verdim. Ta ki bugüne kadar.

Ben bir yandan sürekli yeni oje almaya devam ediyor fakat sürmüyorken dün bir arkadaşım, hadi benim hatrım için sür Esra dedi. Bende ona 'peki' deyince dün aldığım ojeleri bir hevesle süreyim istedim.

Pastel'in Limited olarak piyasaya sürdüğü 303 ve 304 numaralı ojeler. Ben alırken kesinlikle neon olduklarını fark etmedim. Hatta şu anda da emin değilim öyle mi değiller mi. Neden Limited olarak piyasaya sürüldüklerini de bilmiyorum. Bu ojeler konusunda fikri olan beni bilgilendirirse de çok sevineceğim.

Elimde ise solgun ve yağmurlu havada ne kadar güzel durursa anca o kadar güzel durdu işte. Yarın değiştireceğim bu rengi...

Bu postu da Elif A.'ya ithaf ediyorum büyük bir sevgiyle!